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Welcome OFSA members! We at the William Douglas Group have been providing benefits and other financial services to Independent Funeral homes for over 30 years and have been running the OFSA benefit plan since 2007. Whether it’s a retirement plan or Employee benefits for 1 or many employees you can be assured we can find you the most appropriate plan to suit your needs. 

The ‘Great Resignation’ is ushering in a period of great transformation for employers. With labour shortages continuing to plague the workforce, now is the right time for employers to consider how their benefits offerings can attract and retain employees by keeping them happy, healthy, and productive. Financial well-being is also now top of mind for employees, employers should consider offering a robust benefits plan that includes retirement savings plans. In this tight labour market, employers have an opportunity to be bold with their benefits plan design to attract and retain top talent, employers that think outside of the box will stand out among their competitors.

Some of our offerings include…

  • OFSA Association Benefit Plans: These are pooled plans, offering three levels of coverage and we also offer a plan for part-time and retired employees.
  • Traditional Benefit Plans: Looking for something more customizable? We partner with all Major group insurers and can build and market a plan for you.
  • Individual Benefit Plans: Coverage for one, is not a problem we have you covered. Click here for a quote.
  • Investment Plans: Whether you have one or several staff we have plans to accommodate whatever you would like to offer your employees.
  • Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Personal Accident, and Critical Illness Plans: These are quoted on an individual basis, please contact us directly
  • Travel Insurance: One-time or multi-trips, we also offer trip cancellation. Click here for a quote.   

For more information feel free to reach out to us! Toll-Free 888-522-9494 or email info@wdg.ca